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    1. Your 15 Dimensional Higher Self

    1. Technique to Get Answers from your Higher Self

    1. The Power of YES and NO Questions

    1. Identify What is Causing Anxiety

    1. Understand the Contract

    1. Cancel the Anxiety Contract with Words and Sacred Geometry

    2. Feedback

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  • 7 lessons
  • 15 minutes of video

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What you will Learn in this Consciousness Expanding Course...

How to tap into the power of your Expanded Intelligent Self

  • Learn a technique to get immediate answers from your Higher Self even if you lack Extra Sensory Perception

  • Anxiety is more likely to be created in the dream time. Dreams are the doorway into seeing your Higher Self in another dimension.

  • Experience a transmutation of Anxiety with words and sacred geometry

  • Receive a clearing of the Lie-Anxiety-Failure complex and its associated energetic hooks and cords

  • Understand the aspects that create your Higher Self, which are your Inner Child, Soul, Oversoul, Christ Avatar, and Rishi based in this 15 dimensional realm

  • Your Higher Self is your best friend. Simplicity is the key to understanding him/her.

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