Course curriculum

    1. Impeccable Creations

    1. Space of Abandoned Ideas

    2. Old Way of Selling: Global Systemic Belief System of Scarcity and Fatalism

    3. New Way of Selling: Golden Program of Magnetic Frequency

    1. Integrity

    2. Success Orientation

    3. Solution Orientation

    4. Brilliant Vision Orientation

    5. Teamwork Alignment

    6. Sales Activations

    7. Parasite Strategies Removal

    8. People, Contribution, and Legacy Orientation

    1. Ascension Code Pyramid of Creation

    2. Short Film: The Programming Language of Happiness to Reinvent

    3. Finances Higher Relationships Restoration Opening Clear Channels to Receive Abundance

    4. Short Film: The Case of the Missing Feminine DNA Strand

    5. Why You Are Born With Pre Life Contracts

    6. Financial Holistic Success

    7. Short Film: I AM the One You Seek

    8. Grid Ascension Macro Cosmos Support

    9. Short Film: God Rising From The Bottomless Pit

    10. Unstoppable Higher Frequency Body, Mind, Spirit, and Motivation

    11. Short Film: Two Sisters Were the Best of Friends

    12. Absolute Wealth Abundance in Tune with Divine Right Timing

    13. Short Film: I AM Here to Remind You of Your Soul Mission

    14. Core Center Chakra

    15. Short Film: Conversations with Mentor God

    16. Activation of Master Frequency 11 11

    17. Short Film: Mentoring Business for $100

    1. Mysterious Soul Keys and Your Birthright

    2. Divine Self Expression Activation

    3. Divine Self Expression Entrepreneur Profile: Dr. Brenda Mondragon

    4. Divine Power Activation

    5. Divine Power Entrepreneur Profile: Agatha Achindu and Camila Alves

    6. Divine Creation Activation

    7. Divine Creation Entrepreneur Profile: Danelle Ballengee

    8. Divine Wisdom Activation

    9. Divine Wisdom Entrepreneur Profile: Chris Scott

    10. Divine Truth Activation

    11. Divine Truth Entrepreneur Profile: Sarah Chrisp

    12. Divine Order Activation

    13. Divine Order Entrepreneur Profile: Ernestine Shepherd

    14. Divine Love Activation

    15. Divine Love Entrepreneur Profile: Yogetsu Akasaka

    16. Divine Compassion Activation

    17. Divine Compassion Entrepreneur Profile: Scott Harrison

    1. Optical Pineal Induction Visualization for Manifestation

    2. Tracking Your Outcome

About this course

  • $777.00
  • 48 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Turn on New Possibilities, Ideas, and Strategies from a Boundless Version of Yourself

How Will This Course Help You?

Financial Holistic Success Activation with Codes of AH™: Activate the Keys of Frequency Selling to Attract Money in Any Economy

  • Operate at a higher frequency of prosperity, abundance, and wealth of personal power with 8 Business Advanced Mastery Codes

  • Magnetically attract what you want to see appear in your reality with 8 Creation Codes of Joy Mastery

  • Manifest 100% consistency with confidence by activating dormant soul gifts with 8 Soul Mastery Codes

  • 8 Original Short Films demonstrating the business shift from local scarcity into global prosperity featuring individuals who magnetized their God potential

  • 8 Entrepreneur Profile Short Films who manifest new people, places, times, things, and events from the Soul, Monad, and God Seed Level

  • Learn the Ultimate Manifestation tool as taught by Mahavatar Sri Babaji Nagaraj to create unstoppable motivation


Deborah Bravandt

Course Instructor, Creator of Complex Karma History Clearing, Unnatural Seals Removal 2.0

Deborah Bravandt is a Metaphysician, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Codes of AH™ Practitioner, shaman, healer, sage, storyteller, and founder of DNA Heal. I named 144 variations of 12 emotions, 12 thoughts, and 12 mindsets that create 1,728 complexes. Complexes and energetic implants remain fixed in the body as they grow in five stages, which is why humans suffer. I use words, sacred geometry, and frequency to reach all levels of the subconscious mind who controls what manifests in your reality.

Ivonne Delaflor

Codes of AH™ Creator

Ivonne Delaflor is a speaker, author, founder of the Transcendental Rebirthing Method™, a Master Trainer of Futuring™, a Catalyst of Faith Restoration, film producer, creator of the sacred Codes of AH™, creator of Aura Clearing 2.0, Golden DNA Activation 1.0, and 2.0 Protocols.

Synopsis for 8 Original 'Heroes Journey' Films

Arya, the top sales performer in her company, faces her shadow self when her boss rewards under performers. She must make a decision between revenge or happiness. Will she lower her standards or fight for herself in a new way?

Jaya builds her dream business while Ace, her husband, secretly sabotages her choices with his gambling addiction and sex addiction. Her husband holds her hostage to the marriage through a hidden pre-life contract that seals Ace’s feminine DNA strands to her masculine DNA strands. Will she experience the true marriage of the internal twin flame to become the one thing she wants to become…a millionaire?

Enoch is a devout Mormon who loves God while being attracted to his gender. He enters Vomit Aversion Therapy, which fails. At a Buddhist Monastery, he develops a profound relationship with God who tells him that being gay is a manifestation of his split internal twin flame embodied as men. God tells Enoch to start a Youtube channel to teach his wisdom.

Divya is a powerful corporate lawyer who takes prescription drugs to silence the inner voices. After a violent outburst that leads to submitting herself to a psychiatric hospital, she meets a Being of Light who helps her learn the secrets of alchemy to transcend the occupants. She becomes an author who teaches online courses using spiritual gifts to build characters and a story.

Two sisters wanted to create their own businesses. One sister took action by embroidering a power word on a sweatshirt while the other sister watched. The sweatshirt became the object of envy and possessive action for the non-action sister while the action-oriented sister created a successful print-on-demand business.

Lou was a child with a special gift who easily fell into hatred when his beliefs were mocked. He listened to an entity who told him how to control other people with aggression. He became the Fixer at a car dealership, making hundreds of thousands of dollars using fear as his sales tactic. Lou’s Inner Child enters his dealership with an ultimatum.

Valesha was from East Los Angeles with a goal to succeed in real estate, yet she couldn’t close a deal. All she attracted was abuse from clients. She believed in one truth that positive thought attract results so she consulted God believing that he/she would know what is best for her. God spoke.

Shae accepted a mission from her Soul, which led to descent into the hell realms in the dream time. Hell is not what you think. No fire. No burning. No demons. Just a series of rooms where people are forced to eat food filled with intent that create anxiety, body dysphoria, physical pain, and accidents in real life. How will Shae ascend out of the dimensional abuse?

8 Entrepreneur Profiles

  • Divine Self Expression

    Dr. Brenda Mondragon

    Mondragon Chiropractic

  • Divine Power

    Agatha Achindu and Camila Alves

    Yummy Spoonfuls

  • Divine Creation

    Danelle Ballengee

    Endurance Runner and U.S. Athlete of the Year

8 Soul Gifts

  • Divine Wisdom

    Chris Scott

    Fit Recovery

  • Divine Truth

    Sarah Chrisp

    Wholesale Ted

  • Divine Order

    Ernestine Shepherd

    Oldest Female Competitive Bodybuilder

8 Magnetic Manifestors

  • Divine Love

    Yogetsu Akasaka

    Japanese Buddhist Monk and Beatboxer

  • Divine Compassion

    Scott Harrison

    Charity Water

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“You are very loving to work with and I thank you greatly for the little time we had together. Blessings and Love. Thank You.”

Manny Marsh

“Words cannot express my gratitude to you for all you have done for me and my daughter.”

Phoebe Olu

“I am so grateful to you and your amazing work!!! Love to you.”

Donia Papageorgiou

“Huge clearing last night, Deborah. Feel excellent today. Had a great epiphany. Thought I'd share that. Thanks so much. I appreciate you.”

Matt Baker

“Hi Deborah. I have about 20 to 30 synchronistic incidents happen to me daily. It sure delights! Thanks again for a great session! Love and Light to you.”

Christine Schneider

“I just wanted to let you know that the day after our session, I felt lighter and better than I have in perhaps my entire life. Thank you! It was really fabulous.”

Lori Spagna